We love what we do and are told that it shows! Our clients tell us they appreciate that we are nonjudgmental, confidential and professional in our work. We strive to make the office and home organizing process enjoyable.

“Thank you so much for your help! I cannot express the relief I have felt since you dug in and found that new room for me. To be rid of the piles and clutter feels like such a weight has been lifted. I look forward to our continued work!”

S.A., Highland Park

“Linda is amazing. Over the past few years, she has helped me with various projects in my ongoing desire to become more organized. She is incredibly easy and fun to work with. She is genuinely engaged in the process—she LOVES helping people get organized—and she is warm and friendly. Linda has a clear sense of what can and cannot be accomplished in a 3-hour time frame. She gets started right away and is incredibly efficient while balancing sensitivity to the emotional work of decluttering/ organization and moving forward to create a more harmonious environment. The true test of her work for me has been my ability to maintain a lot of the way she has helped my organize my newly renovated kitchen, my den, and my common room workspace. Linda’s service is definitely worth it. I would say that I’d hire her again, but I already have.”

Ann C., Libertyville

“Your help has been awesome so I have been bragging about you to everyone I know. In a very short time, it is fair to say that you have transformed not only my office but my household. I feel less stressed, and my ability to better manage tasks and appointments means less stress for my loved ones too. I still have more to do, but now I’m looking forward to working on the office and other organization projects, rather than just feeling overwhelmed. It really helps to have someone as knowledgeable, professional and fun to work with as you. Thanks a million!”

Alison Aldrich, Highwood

“I am happily working in my beautiful, inspirational office and am so thankful to you. Because of your time, I found the papers needed to close out my dad’s estate, used my computer to bookmark some sites on my computer that I would have otherwise clipped from magazines, and feel inner peace!! I am excited to continue our work! Thank you again.”

L.S., Deerfield

“I didn’t think I needed a professional organizer when I was packing my house to move cross country. I thought I should be able to tackle the job myself. I am so happy I quickly discovered how Linda made an otherwise completely daunting and overwhelming task so much fun. She not only helped me organize my house to show and sell, but taught me life skills that I will continue to use for a long time to come. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone that wants to experience the sheer joy and calm that comes over you when your surroundings are organized and you are able to quickly find what you need”.

Gwenda Burkhardt, Highland Park

“I love the sense of calm I feel once Linda Goldman of Altogether Organized has worked her magic on a room. Superfluous papers and items are gone, and the space is orderly and attractive. Linda has transformed many rooms in my house. As a result, cleaning up and straightening is a breeze, every object has a place, and I can find things immediately. Thank you so much, Linda, for adding serenity where there was once the stress of clutter! And I no longer waste time searching.”

C.E., Highland Park

“Linda is just so good at seeing how to take a space apart and puzzling the way to put it back together. She is impeccably professional, unerringly kind, buoyantly positive, and simply excellent at what she does. I always look forward to seeing her and working with her, and I know when she leaves I will feel good about the progress we’ve made on whatever project we’re tackling. I feel one of her best qualities is her gentle but firm guidance on how to follow up after the appointment is over so that the work that we’ve done together is maximized. She is an empathetic, wonderful person and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to tackle some organizational projects. My husband is a huge fan as well and has worked with her on some of his own organization projects. It’s refreshing to meet someone who is so good at what she does and so obviously enjoys it.”

Vanessa Griffin, Hawthorn Woods

“You did such a wonderful job of helping me make the transition of leaving my home to pursue my future, I will forever be grateful for your gentle ways and strong guidance.”

Denise Delves, Chicago

“Just finished working with Linda and Altogether Organized to clean out my Mom’s house for sale. There was 30+ years worth of stuff – some of it treasures, some of it garbage, and a lot in between. Linda helped put together a great plan to get the most for what was worth something, and get the rest donated or dumped. We were on a tight schedule to get the house on the market for the Spring selling season and she made it happen. I am happy to say the place is now empty, clean and I feel like we got good value what was there. Her contacts were important for making things runs smoothly and getting good value for what we had, while minimizing the cost of final clean out. If I ever have to do it again, I’ll definitely give her a call.”

As Posted on Yelp, Evanston

“Still can’t get over what a great job you did and how great my house looks!!Wish I would have done this sooner!”

M. Forbes, Highland Park

“Linda gave me the guidance, direction and action I needed to move forward with my home organization projects. She knew the right questions to ask so I could make quick decisions about what made sense for me to keep — and where and how to keep it in my home. I was thrilled with how much we accomplished in our session!”

Ilana S., Deerfield

“Linda is incredible. She is extremely personable and professional. She has been helping me for a few years now and has done a fabulous job organizing multiple rooms in my house (including my garage and basement). She is so sweet and friendly, she practically feels like part of the family when she comes over. She is also EXTREMELY efficient. I trust her completely and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a little, or a lot of organizational help. Altogether Organized is the best in my book!”

Deb, Buffalo Grove

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