We love what we do and are told that it shows! Our clients tell us they appreciate that we are nonjudgmental, confidential and professional in our work. We strive to make the office and home organizing process enjoyable.

“It was truly a pleasure to work with Lisa. I am really enjoying my newfound, well-organized space. The best thing about organizing is freeing your mind to think of other things besides where you last saw something that you need! If I regress, I’ll be back 🙂 !”

Terri Lorenz, Wilmette

“DeeDee’s help created a dramatic transformation to my bedroom area which had become out of control. She helped to restore order and function and brought an amazing improvement to the quality of my lifestyle. You can really be proud of the work you and your organizers do and the difference that you make in the lives of your clients.”

Kathleen M., Skokie

“Altogether Organized is amazing! They completely reorganized our storage room with their innovative layout ideas. Lisa Gruchot has helped me numerous times with my children’s rooms, their toys and our master closet. She can transform an area quickly and thoroughly. Her pleasant personality makes her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Altogether Organized and will definitely call them again!”

Ann F., Lake Forest, IL

“‘Awesome’ — that was my son’s surprised comment when I walked him into his room yesterday. It looks great and he really feels good about what we did. SO do I!”

J.W., Deerfield

“Linda is just the professional organizer I needed to help me get organized. She quickly determines a course of action and then we get right to work. She is intelligent, thoughtful and kind, making hard work as fun as it can be, and keeping me from feeling bad about all the things that I have accumulated.”

Amy S.

“I was feeling so overwhelmed by the many piles of papers (bills, notes from school, invitations to respond to, bank statements etc.) constantly coming in , stacked in different ways hoping I’d remember what was what, but with no “Home” for them. DeeDee worked with me to devise a system that made sense to my lifestyle and created “homes” for all of my (and my children’s) papers. There is now a place for everything and everything has its place! I am eternally grateful!”

Heidi Z., Wilmette

“When I started with Altogether Organized, I was concerned that I would be embarrassed in asking for help, However, the process was such that I was strengthened and respected. Lisa was tremendously resourceful and creative in solving problems and finding solutions. In addition, she was extremely sensitive to my needs, and while she often guided me to the path ahead, I was never pushed. When I felt at a loss in not knowing how to “do things right” Lisa was very supportive and respectful, I felt that I was being assisted by a friend – a very knowledgeable, professional, considerate and delightful friend.”

Jewell Gregory, Glenview

“DeeDee and Lisa have been godsends to me and my home. It is the greatest feeling in the world to be able to find things again! I consider this project a great investment that will reap endless positive returns, for which I will not only have an organized home, but I will also have the tools to keep it organized. Thank you so much!”

Debbie, Buffalo Grove

“Linda provides an invaluable service that has impacted my ability to enjoy my house, as well as my work space. I have been become more efficient, and have a better sense of well-being because of her efforts. Its not just organization: Its Linda’s non-judgmental, goal-oriented, and warm manner that facilitate her magic. I am thrilled that someone like Linda is available and hope to use her services for many years to come.”

Judy Katz, Deerfield

“When I was sharing with a friend my anxiety and distress at having to figure out what to do with 15 years of accumulated things in my soon-to-be-fixed-up basement, she suggested I call Altogether Organized. Being inherently frugal by nature, the thought of spending money to do something that I should be able to do did not make me happy. But clearly, if I were able to do it well, I wouldn’t have had a cluttered basement that was overwhelming me! It has proven to be the BEST call I’ve made in years! Linda Goldman, the owner, came to my home, calmly assessed the area and for the next three hours we sorted through antiques, bagged future donations, boxed papers that needed shredding and finally, carried out garbage bags full of what needed to have been tossed years ago. We were quick, focused and incredible productive. I was so pleased I brought my friends in to admire our work! It was such an amazing time/money investment that I have had Linda come two more times to help with other problem areas – my kitchen and home office. I can now say (with conviction!) that I have eliminated the clutter in my home, and established a much better organizing system going forward. Linda was professional, patient, warm and encouraging every step of the way and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of her expertise.”

Janet Olsen, Wilmette

“The whole experience was terrific, from my first contact to the home visits. I had many areas in my home I wanted to tackle, but the consultants helped me to prioritize which areas would make the most difference in how I felt in my house. We started with the bedroom and our study, which were both disaster areas. Now, after two sessions, we’ve made the shift from being basically disorganized in those rooms and feeling despair, to having systems in place that make it a pleasure to keep neat and tidy. It has really changed how we live day to day, and made our house a much more welcoming place. We can now leave our bedroom doors open when company is over!”

Jen Small, Chicago

“Linda has been so important to our family, helping us make room for our new baby girl. While pregnant she recalibrated the layout of our Chicago apartment to create space for the nursery and also reorganized places like our kitchen and living areas to accommodate baby equipment, bottles, and everything else she needs. Babies come with so much stuff! Since having our baby she has truly helped to simplify our chaotic life! It feels so good to purge and reorganize and make room for the new person living here. A session with Linda is like having a physical trainer, therapist, and interior decorator all at once!!”

G.S., Chicago

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